The journey to freedom ~

Insights into the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

2 Day workshop study, exploration and practise

with Emily Lacy

9th/10th Sept 2023
1.15-3.45 pm

Join Emily for this fun and interactive 2 part workshop at Sangye Yoga School exploring selected sutras from pada (book) 1 of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Yoga Darsana).

The Yoga Sutras are a collection of Sanskrit sutras (aphorism/words of wisdom) on the theory and practise of yoga. Compiled by the revered ancient sage Patanjali, the teachings form the foundation of Classical or Raja yoga.

Yoga according to Patanjali is a mental science. Over the course of 196 sutras catogorised into 4 chapters, Patanjali guides the reader through the trials and tribulations on the path of Self discovery with different solutions to keep one on track in our every day life. The short yet profound sutras provide insight and room for thought, reflection, contemplation and potential for the transformation of one’s mental tendencies. The result being a calm, clear, peaceful state of mind and one that is in harmony with all beings.


Day One

History of yoga

Introduction to the Yoga Sutras

Mental levels (citta bhumi)

Exploration of the goal of yoga

The state of yoga and non state of yoga

Exploration into the modifications of the mind

Practises to bring steadiness of mind

Day Two

The nature of isvara

Obstacles we may encounter on the path of Yoga

Practises to guide us towards the goal of yoga

Expect chanting of the sutras, exploration of the sutras and the relevance of them in our every day lives, discussions, group exercises, reflection, meditation, guided relaxation.

These sessions are open to all.

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