Yoga is a timeless science that has evolved over thousands of years. It is a profound path of self-transformation that encompasses a range of practical and methodical disciplines, with the goal being to help us as humans realise our deepest potential.

Our potential or our true nature goes far beyond the limits of the human mind and personality. Our human potential is infinite and transcends our individual minds and our sense of self, yet as we identify with our limitations, the limitations of the body, mind and senses, we subject ourselves to feelings of insecurity, fear, sorrow and separation.

Given the increase in pace and conflict present in modern day life with all its resulting stress and the ever striving for what can only ever be temporary gain and happiness, the teachings are today relevant more than ever.

A letting go or a stripping away of the many restraints we put upon ourselves is required in an effort to move back towards a place of peace and harmony; with ourselves, with other human beings, other animal beings, aspects of nature and the earth as a whole.

Throughout the journey of the asana (physical) practise, the breath can be used as a vehicle by which the body and mind can be observed, purified and transcended. Through self-observation a non-judgemental attitude can be developed as we work on moving through each moment as it presents itself without being disturbed or distracted, bringing about a peaceful state of mind.

I teach in-line with the Jivamukti method. A challenging yet stimulating asana practise which is in vinyasa form comprising the integration of breath and movement. This is supported by chanting, ancient philosophical teachings, pranayama (breathing), alignment exploration, hands on assists, meditation and relaxation.

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