Hatha Yoga

YogaSweat Teacher Training


With Raman Devi/Emily Lacy/Andrea Hassett

The word Hatha means willful or forceful and is a path towards creating balance of the interacting activities and processes of the physical body mind and energy. Hatha Yoga uses yogic postures (asanas), pranayama (breath control), mudras (gestures), bandhas (locks), drishti to enable the system to sustain higher dimensions of energy. By practicing this profound science, one can change and enhance the way they think, feel, and experience life. The body becomes a stepping stone in the progress towards blossoming into your ultimate possibility.

The Teacher Training is open to any sincere seeker who wishes to deepen their own understanding of the yoga practice. It is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to teach yoga classes, as well as being a great platform for those who may just wish to develop their own practice. Insight into the practical application of the ancient teachings into everyday life will be explored and how these practices can bring changes to you as an individual, to your community and the world we live in.

What is included within the course

asana, bandha, drishti, mudra
teaching methodology
assisting (verbal/hands on (depending on social restrictions)

What is expected from you
A commitment to the practice and the study of Yoga. The course will be assessed formally at the end of the training by a practical assessment, written essay and theory exam.

The course will be spread over 5 months. Including 7 weekends from October 29th 2021 to 6th February 2022 at Yoga Sweat Birmingham.

There will be a 10-day intensive: 14th January 2022 until 23rd January located in Wales. All of the theory learnt over the first few months will be put into practice over this time. This is an opportunity to really dedicate your time within the beautiful surroundings of an inspiring eco venue, farmhouse and self-catering cottages in the beauty of the Cambrian Mountains near Machynlleth, Mid Wales.

Weekend 1
Friday October 29th 2021 4pm-8pm
Saturday 30th October 2021 9am – 6.15pm
Sunday 31st October 2021 9am–4pm
Sunday 31st October 2021 6pm-7pm: 1 hour online zoom session (introduction to anatomy and physiology)

Weekend 2
Friday 5th November 2021 4-8pm
Saturday 6th November 2021 9-6.15pm
Sunday 7th November 2021 9-6.15pm

Weekend 3
Wednesday 10th November 2021 6pm-8pm Online Anatomy and Physiology: lecture on feet and legs
Friday 12th November 2021 4-8pm
Saturday 13th November 2021 8.30am -6pm
Sunday 14th November 2021 9am-6.15pm

Weekend 4
Wednesday 17th Nov 2021 6pm-8pm Online Anatomy and Physiology: lecture on shoulders
Friday 19th 2021 November 2021 4-8pm
Saturday 20th 2021 November 8.30am-6pm
Sunday 21st November 9am–6.15pm

Weekend 5
Friday 3rd December 2021 4pm-8pm
Saturday 4th December 2021 9am-6.15pm
Sunday 5th December 2021 9am-6.15pm

Weekend 6
Friday 10th December 2021 4pm-8pm
Saturday 11th December 2021 9am-6.15pm
Sunday 12th December 2021 9am-6.15pm

The 10-day intensive – Wales
January 14th 2022 – January 23RD 2022 For more information about the venue visit the website www.walescottageandvenue.com

Weekend 7
Saturday 29th January 2022 9am-6pm

Weekend 8
Saturday 5th February 2022 9am-6pm
Sunday 6th February 2022 9am-6pm

Additional Information

Learning Outcomes
Good understanding of Hatha Yoga postures
Safe and effective sequencing
Understand the contraindications, health benefits and the physical and physiological impact of the practices of pranayama, meditation and chanting on the subtle and gross body
A basic understanding of the roots of yogic philosophy
Understanding the principles of alignment and adjustment
Recognise ethical responsibilities and issues regarding to professional conduct
Understand the basic principles of business applied in a yoga setting
Understanding of anatomy to keep students safe and help them to access the physical benefits of the practice
Develop an understanding of your own strengths and limitations

Practitioners are required to have a minimum of 1 to 2 years of a personal asana practice.
Commitment to the practice.
Some understanding of yogic philosophy (This is not necessary but a willingness to learn)
We strongly recommend before you commit to the course, you have the appropriate time and support, this depending on your personal circumstances.
All applicants will be asked to fill in an application form. If successful you will then be required to submit a 1000-word essay based on yogic philosophy.

In order to graduate students must attend a minimum of 95% of the course to meet the necessary requirements. If due to unforeseen circumstances you miss some parts of the course, you will be required to make up the hours as agreed by the teacher trainers.

Certificates will be awarded on successful completion of the course, meeting the 95% attendance and the standards/guidelines met in the final teaching exam and theory paper. If requirements are not met, you will have the opportunity to re do anything you didn’t pass.

A Manual will be given to students
A list of required texts will also be given for students to purchase

Yoga Alliance 200 hours Certified Certificate

Additional information
The early bird cost of the course is £3300. If paid in fully by the 31st August 2021. After this time the cost will be £3500.

What is included
The costs include the tuition and the 10-day intensive in Wales.

What’s not included
Travel to and from venue
Travel to and from 10 day intensive
Reading list – books required for course

A £500 nonrefundable deposit is required if the applicant is successful on being accepted on the course

Cancellation/refund policy
Your initial payment of £500 is taken as a deposit and is nonrefundable if you choose to cancel your place on the Yoga Sweat Teacher Training Program.
You may cancel your place with 8 weeks’ notice and we will refund all monies paid, less the £500 deposit. If you need to leave the course for any reason once the course has started, we are unable to offer you a refund or defer your course place. If you cancel your place less than 8 weeks before the first day of the course, Yoga Sweat will be unable to offer you a refund. We will endeavour to offer  the course place to another student, to the extent that this is possible Yoga Sweat will seek to refund some or all of the remaining balance (minus the £500 non-refundable deposit). It is compulsory to attend all of the teaching modules on the course. Any modules you may miss will need to be re-arranged and completed with the relevant teachers. Any costs incurred will need to be personally covered and can be shared between students. The teachers time is charged to you up to £100 an hour.

In the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances, Yoga Sweat reserves the right to cancel the course or switch to online training (partially or completely) at anytime. If the course is cancelled prior to the course starting, the course may be rescheduled and if students cannot attend the new course than all fees will be refunded. If the course is cancelled part way through the course, Yoga Sweat will rearrange the remaining modules of the course and if this is not possible for students to attend, we will refund the remaining course on a pro-rata basis.

Covid 19: Due to the current times we are living in, if we experience further restrictions/lockdown during the dates of the TT, the training will commence online and the dates for the intensive may have to be rescheduled. Be prepared to be flexible with these conditions.

Further information contact info@yogasweat.com
OR visit www.yogasweat.com